Your Local Premier Property Club (PPC) Event

You have the choice to attend any and as many Premier Property Club (PPC) Events you would like to. We have Premier Property Club (PPC) Events in London, around London, and In different parts of the country. Simply Click on the PPC Event you would like to attend to find out more about the event, and book your ticket. We look forward to welcoming you at your chosen PPC!

We have had a number of UK Property Experts speak at PPC. All of the speakers who share information at Premier Property Club have a proven track record and are well respected within the Property and Business Community. Some of them can be found below, and including: Kam Dovedi, Harry Singha, Jim Haliburton, Sally Lawson, Richard Thorpe, James Davis, Rohan Weerasinghe (Dr Ro), Sukhi Wahiwala, David Sanderman, Karl Spencer, David Key, Ian Wallis, Stefan Arnio, Shimon Rudich, Richard Tacgani, Richard Bowser, and many many more!