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Topic: “The New Age of Property Lending – How Banks are Changing and what you ought to know” By Director of Metro Bank Gonçalo Vicente – Limited to 125 Seats

For new, as well as established Property Investors now is the time you need to know about the new banking rules affecting UK property buyers.

  • What are these changes and how will they affect you?
  • How much will it cost your portfolio? And overall
  • How will it affect your profits?

Premier Property Club (PPC) is privileged to have the Director of Metro Bank, Goncalo Vicente speaking at what is already predicted to be our next sell-out event.


We’re honoured that Vicente will be sharing with you how you can get the best solutions for funding as well as inspiring Property Investors by showing you that there are opportunities out there.

Book your place now to see the Director of Metro Bank live and hear what he has to say about recent changes to the rules.


Recent reports from the Council of Mortgage Lenders, show that landlords are withdrawing from market in response to tax changes and tighter lending rules.

For Property Investors and Developers these changes could make it more challenging to finance your deals, and there’s also a high possibility that many investors could be altogether wiped out with the changes in rates.

Prepare for these changes by joining us in our extremely popular event at PPC Knightsbridge, where you will find out how the changes are going to affect YOU, and most importantly discover how you can overcome them.

The facts.


In its Financial Stability Report, The Bank of England released the new rules when it comes to affordability.  In essence “stress tests” will be carried out with an almost unrealistic target that borrowers must be able to prove that they can afford repayments almost twice as high as the expected monthly cost of the loan.
The main justification behind this?  To protect banks and the economy from ‘another’ financial crisis.  So if interest rates were to go up and rise quickly, borrowers would still be able to cover the repayments on the loans issued.

We are proud to announce Metro Bank Director, Goncalo Vicente at this elite event.  As we look at how this bank in particular is promoting itself as providing a very different banking experience to its customers and how this could translate into opportunities for YOU.


We only have 125 places available!  So book now to avoid disappointment


These changes are coming into effect and we understand the struggles and concerns that many Property Investors will have.  It almost becomes problematic to prove that your portfolio is profitable as the threshold for affordability increases.

Linked to this you might also see your affordability start to shrink.  For example, in the current market situation you’re able to afford the initial interest rate of 1.5% however if this was to jump to a stress test of proving you could afford 8%, things would look a little different.

However, it’s also an opportunity

At the event, Vicente will be sharing his knowledge and perspective on the current banking rules with you, whilst putting your mind at ease to know that these rules won’t change things overnight.  And how in fact, many banks have been stress testing at a higher level for the past 3 years anyway.

We’re also aware that there’s uncertainty when it comes to property lending, driven somewhat by what many will believe to be the result of the Economic EU referendum as well as the stamp duty distortions on buy-to-let.
However, the information we will be sharing will show how the housing market is relatively well insulated from Brexit, as most activity is driven domestically.  We want to make this event your chance to draw on industry expertise as well as get your personal property questions answered.

Register for a ticket now to secure your place as well as safeguard your property portfolio and continue to make it profitable.
There will also be an opportunity to find out about niche areas, one of them being shared ownership mortgages, which could actually see better deals offered, as a result of the rule change.  As well as looking at how the self-employed could also benefit due to the increased competition by lenders in niche markets.


These changes are happening of that there is no doubt.  But with them also comes opportunity.

Banks will continue to be competitive in what products they offer.  And it’s also important to remember that many banks have been stress testing at this level since 2014, so for many Property Investors it’s about finding out what products are now best suited to your portfolio.  And positioning your portfolio in the most attractive way when presenting this to lenders.

Investing in property and building your property portfolio is who you are and it’s what motivates you and makes you continue to invest.

With a cap at this event of a strict 125 people this is your opportunity to hear how you can capitalise on these opportunities.


You’ll also find out about:

  • The impact these changes will have on the banking sector
  • How niche markets could be right up your portfolio street
  • How best to master these opportunities to continue making your portfolio profitable

Join us at The Park Tower Knightsbridge, on Wednesday 20th September, to be part of an informative, productive, and motivational evening at Premier Property Club (PPC) Knightsbridge.

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We look forward to seeing you there.

Note:  For those of you who were at last month’s PPC Knightsbridge event, even though we tried to go over this limit, with people trying to register at the door, the Hotel would not allow more people due to health and safety.


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