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Topic: “How To Maximise Your Profits by 100% on Property Flips, Refurbs & Rentals” by Bernie Woods and Kam Dovedi

In this Exclusive talk at Premier Property Club (PPC) Kent, Bernie Woods, one of the most acclaimed professional designers will share with you how you can use design in order to create substantial profit margins in property investing and developing, whether you are working on a 1 bedroom flat or a 5 Star Hotel.

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Bernie has mainly focused on the Hotel and Private Residence Sector, and has found the techniques needed in order for you to use design as a skill in order to profit as a property investor and developer. Design is a fundamental skillset of any successful property investor, being able to picture a layout and function, be able to calculate the steps required to get there and then implement these steps all start with the concept of design.

Bernie will share with you key strategies, insights and information throughout his talk by showing you real life case studies of the his own projects so you can find out how to successfully maximise Your Profits by 100% on Property Flips, Refurbs & Rentals by using design.

Event Details:

​Next Event: Tuesday 12th September
​(2nd Tuesday of Each Month)

Doors open: 6:30pm for a 7pm Start

Venue: Village Hotel Maidstone, Castle View, Forstal Roads, Maidstone, ME14 3AQ