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Topic: “The New Age of Property Investing; How You Can Create a £1,000,000 Portfolio Without Banks, Deposits and JVs” With The UK’s Leading Creative Property Solicitor – Shimon Rudich and Founder of Premier Property Kam Dovedi

They say It’s about having control not about ownership.

But what exactly does that mean.  

In this talk the UK’s leading creative property solicitor Shimon Rudich from MS-Law will guide you through the deals that his clients and he are doing. Not only is Shimon a solicitor representing these investors doing their deals, but he is also an investor himself and does many creative deals each year using a variety of different methods.

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Shimon is here to introduce to you how you can make money from property that you don’t even own – so if you can’t get a mortgage, don’t have a deposit, or wouldn’t pass the credit check this is PERFECT for you and PERFECT in this economic climate.

In this talk you will learn the following:

– How can you take control?

– That there isn’t a “one fit for all” strategy rather many different strategies to apply to different scenarios, kind of properties or vendors’ circumstances

– How you can cash in on properties you don’t own

– Dispel the myth that you need to get 5-10 years lease options to make money

– How to make serious money within 6/12 months

– How to do options on negative equity properties, on derelict properties, on land and developments

– How to structure lease options in a legal way

– How to structure lease options in an ethical why and make a WIN WIN scenario

– How to get £300-£1000 per month on properties you don’t own

– How to convert impossible property deals that other investors would throw in the bin

At the end of the evening you will have a good understanding of which creative property options are out in the market and how you can use them to grow your own property portfolio and to gain financial freedom.

So join us on Tuesday 2nd May at Premier Property Club (PPC) Croydon for an information packed evening.

Event Details:

​Next Event: Tuesday 2nd May
​(1st Tuesday of Each Month)

Doors open: 6:30pm for a 7pm Start

Venue: Jurys Inn, Wellesley Rd, London, CR0 9XY