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Topic: “The little known Profit Maximising Strategy you ought to know about” – by Arthur Kemp and Kam Dovedi

Would you like to maximise your profit margins from your property portfolio?


Read on to find out more.


Those currently in the property investment industry as well as those just looking to start out, will be only too well aware of some of the changes in legislation which, let’s be honest, ultimately affects how much profit you will make.


From interest rate changes, increases in stamp duty charges, as well as changes in tax allowance


Is now the time…


to look at your portfolio and look at diversifying from your buy-to-let or HMO?


Of course there may be nothing wrong with staying with your current strategies and portfolio investments.  But with markets changing are these strategies still relevant?


Are they still making you money and have you been searching for something different for a while now but unsure on which direction will make you money?


Is searching for other property strategies to get into or looking to start out in, the right thing to do?


Are you 100% confident you can weather out all of these market changes so you don’t have to change and adapt?

Have your questions answered and find out more by booking your place at your next PPC Croydon event now!


We’re all in the business of making money and when it comes to investing in property you want to make a good return on your investments.


For your portfolio to remain strong it needs to be generating a profit.  Not only to help you secure further funding for your next development/investment project but to secure your long-term future and finances (think of it as an extension to a pension plan).


Your next Premier Property Club event on the 17th November at Croydon will provide you with the profit maximising strategies you need to support all of the above and much much more.


We guarantee you’ll find the solution to make sure you continue to increase your profits.


We will be providing you with strategies specifically assessing:


  • Tax relief solutions which you can successfully implement
  • Investment and development opportunities which will generate you further cash
  • A way to maximise your profits and secure your future


Expert Arthur Kemp Founder and Managing Director of Exact Business will be talking specifically about and guiding delegates through the process of Capital Allowances.


Arthur is a leading expert in the industry when it comes to providing tax relief solutions to commercial property investors.  Helping you to reduce your tax liabilities and save tax through the use of Capital Allowances.  All with the aim of making you wealthier and your property portfolio more profitable.


No stranger to maximising profits through property investment and development is Kam Dovedi.


Kam is a highly respected UK leading property expert, extremely dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to property investment and development.  Kam’s wealth of experience in the property sector is second to none.




…Kam will also be sharing his profit maximising strategies at this PPC event.


If you’re looking for a guaranteed strategy to lead to success then book your place at the PPC Croydon event today.


Capital Allowances seems to be a terminology that is used (and a legitimate way of doing business, we might add) but something which a lot of property investors know very little about.


Through your PPC Croydon event we want to show you how you can reduce your tax liabilities and save tax all through Capital Allowances. 


Arthur is renowned for being the Capital Allowances expert and has appeared on a number of TV shows and Radio programmes offering advice and solutions to property investors and developers.


This is now your chance to hear Arthur live and to find out just what these profit maximising strategies are.


Arthur and Kam will be covering 5 key areas:


  • Tax deductible items – what these are and making sure you carry out the appropriate plant and machinery surveys, to find out exactly what you have.
  • How you can use properties within your portfolio to wipe out your tax bill. Focusing on the money you can save through Capital Allowances and off-setting this against other bills.
  • How they can guarantee that you will be financially better off. Making you richer by reducing your tax bill legitimately.
  • Investment opportunities. Looking at those properties (with plant and machinery) which qualify for Capital Allowances.
  • Looking at how you can assign your budgets more strategically.


Using Capital Allowances to provide you with the freedom to go on and invest in further property with peace of mind and confidence.  Offering you greater flexibility.  Why, because it provides you with more options.  The options to use the additional revenue you’re entitled to, to do more.


Whether you’re new to the investment arena or you already have a growing property portfolio we would all like to know how to make more money.


Arthur and Kam will of course be explaining how and when Capital Allowances can be used.  Talking about the importance of plant and machinery surveys which should be carried out on potential and also owned commercial properties (or any other non-dwelling properties).  As well as property investors being encouraged to look at holiday homes as well as serviced accommodation as property to invest in and develop.


It’s about thinking outside the box and using these profit maximising strategies to ultimately benefit you.


Don’t miss out on finding out how you can be part of something big.  Places are limited so book your seat now.


PPC Croydon, on November 17th is your opportunity to find out exactly how you can maximise your cash return, using simple formula and strategy options.


Event Details:

​Next Event: Tuesday 7th November
​(1st Tuesday of Each Month)

Doors open: 6:30pm for a 7pm Start

Venue: Jurys Inn, Wellesley Rd, London, CR0 9XY