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Topic: “HMO Evening – How You Can Create a Cash Flowing 6 Figure HMO Business” With 4 HMO Experts


They say the HMO (houses of multiple occupancy) Strategy is one of the Most profitable, highest cash flowing and lump sum accelerating strategies available to you in the property market…

So How Can You Start in (or Scale up) this property strategy to take your property investing to the next level?

For this special event at Premier Property Club (PPC) Croydon, we will be holding a HMO Evening for you, where you will find out how you can create a 6 figure cashflowing HMO Business, led by 4 HMO Experts.
We believe this month will be another packed out event, filled with fantastic information, cutting edge strategies, and great networking.

Book your place now (the next few tickets are discounted):

In order for you to understand how to create a 6 figure cashflowing HMO business, you need to have the correct information about all the different aspects of a successful HMO Business.

This is why we have carefully chosen 4 leading HMO experts who boast almost 70 years of combined experience when it comes to the HMO strategy.

The Experts:

Kam Dovedi – UK Leading Property Expert and Founder of Premier Property

Anthony Cherry – HMO innovator and Founder of Timeostat 

Sam Moodley – Finance Expert and Founder of Gateway Financial

Jack Ayres – HMO Refurbishment and Development Expert and Member of The Premier Property Inner Circle

During the evening, you will find out:

*How you can finance your HMO purchase in the cheapest and easiest possible way

*How you Can systemise your rent collection so you have continuous cashflow and zero voids

*What types of properties you should buy, and properties you should avoid at all cost

*How you can JV with HMOs

*How you can minimise your running costs

*How you can multiply your profits by implementing certain strategies

*How you can scale your current HMO portfolio quickly and easily

*How you can out perform any other HMO in your area

*How you can find the right letting agent to manage your HMO (should you want to)

*How you can achieve a double digit percentage NET yield from your portfolio

There will also be an open question and answer session so that you can get you exact questions answered.

The experts on the HMO evening panel boast almost 70 years of experience between them and will be able to offer their views on any questions you have.

This is a must attend event for you if you are looking to start investing in HMOs, or would like to scale your current HMO business and take it to the next level.

We look forward to welcoming you to Premier Property Club (PPC) Croydon.

Event Details:

​Next Event: Tuesday 4th July
​(1st Tuesday of Each Month)

Doors open: 6:30pm for a 7pm Start

Venue: Jurys Inn, Wellesley Rd, London, CR0 9XY