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Topic: “Property Joint Ventures Special – The Who, What, Where, Why and How of Successful 7 Figure Joint Ventures” with Jim Haliburton, Kam Dovedi, Richard Greenland & Kwasi Affum

We now live in a world where ‘traditional’ finance is getting more and more stringent.

So how do you keep buying profitable projects, and remain an active property investor and developer?

Joint Ventures.

It has been shown that property investors and developers who can find alternative ways of financing their deals are able to continue investing and developing regardless of the market conditions.

With the base rate at the lowest it has ever been, with all of the changes coming to the market, and the current sentiment in the market, there has never been a more better time to find out how you can successfully carry out joint ventures by gaining information from 4 leading joint venture and property experts.

So come and join us at this Property Joint Venture Special at PPC Canary Wharf on Tuesday 25th April where  you will discover the must knows when it comes to carrying out successful joint venture projects in property.

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Some of what we will be covering is:

  • How to successfully attract the right joint venture partners quickly and easily
  • How to keep your joint venture partner so that you have an unlimited pot of capital
  • How to make your deals stand out even if they may not be more lucrative than your competition
  • How to start joint venturing if you are new and do not yet have a track record
  • Where the best places are to find your joint venture partners, whether you are looking for finance or looking for property deals
  • Who joint ventures are for and not for
  • Who you should work with and who you should avoid when it comes to joint venturing
  • What kind of joint ventures there are
  • Why you should be using Joint Venture finance compared to traditional finance

These are just some of the questions the 3 experts on the joint venture panel will be covering, and we will also have an open question and answer session so you can get your specific questions answered.

Who are the 4 experts on the panel

Jim Haliburton aka HMO Daddy – 30+ Years’ experience and 120+ HMO Property Developments (and growing)

Jim has been investing in HMO properties since 1983 and over that time he has amassed a portfolio of over 120 HMO development properties, of which the largest has 220 beds.

His lettings company employs 20+ staff and manage 1000 tenants of all socio-economic groups, so he can advise on any type you choose to focus on.

Jim knows how to maximise on the income you receive by developing properties in ways others would never think of.

Kam Dovedi – 27+ Years Property Development Experience, Author, UK Leading Property Expert

Kam Dovedi is a highly respected UK leading business and property expert.

Kam has been investing for over 27 years and has built up a significant Multi Million Pound Property Business.

His passion for business is infectious and has allowed him to give back. Kam has been invited to speak at hundreds of events nationally, has mentored over 200 successful property investors and entrepreneurs and is the founder of Premier Property Education.

Kam is also the founder of Premier Portfolio Builder, an award winning property portfolio building service which actively buys between 10 – 14 property projects each month varying form Buy to Lets to Larger Developments.

The knowledge Kam has gained over his 27 year business journey, has allowed him to become a published author of Boost Your Pension And Income: the smart investor’s guide to creating a profitable property portfolio; a book that has been praised by many UK leading property experts.

Richard Greenland – Property Development Trader

As a property trader, Richard’s typical deal is pretty simple – he buys a property for cash and immediately trades it on with minimal or no works. For this strategy to succeed, he relies on other people marketing properties badly – in fact every deal he’s ever bought is as a result of bad marketing.

They all have some problem or issue that stops them being sold easily, so Richard finds them, removes the problems, and remarkets them through a more suitable channel.

He thinks of trading like hunting – he’s out there in his loin cloth with his spear looking for the next deal.

Richard’s biggest success is one of his most recent deals that was an unsold auction lot of 8 houses on 1.5 acres near Bristol Airport. The price started at £2.2million, and was dropped time and time again until it was being listed at £950,000.

Part of the problem with them was that the bank was the executor of the will and were forcing the sale, but the occupiers did not want to leave so were refusing to allow viewings. Richard estimated the GDV of each house was around £300-350k though, so decided it was worth persisting with.

The outcome was Richard selling on his share in the deal to his partner after they exchanged, pocketing over £100,000 NET plus a 20% overage clause on a parcel of land behind the houses as well.

Kwasi Affum – Vice President of Regulatory Impact Assessment at Barclays Investment Bank.

He has, over the last decade, gained distinctive experience at several Tier 1 Investment Banks, from Goldman Sachs, to J.P. Morgan, and Deutsche Bank; where he held a number of roles ranging from writing policies and procedures, to implementing technological changes relating to FCA and other global financial regulations.

Currently he performs a horizon scanning and strategic planning role. This is a forward looking role which involves interpreting future laws and regulations, understanding what impacts they will have, and defining a compliant strategy that will need to be implemented to comply with the upcoming regulations. This gives him a unique, detailed, and insightful view into what regulations are coming further down the line.

Kwasi is also a property investor; having begun his property journey in March 2015, he has since built a portfolio of 20 HMO units focusing in London.

In his spare time he helps to enhance the understanding of Government/FCA expectations in order to help prevent them targeting the private rental sector further through public speaking, social media forums and online blog.

His goal within the property space is to provide free and accessible information on financial regulation, to people arranging joint venture deals, so that they can conduct a more effective, risk-based and outcomes –focused approach to FCA compliance.

He says ‘‘Where I’d like to get to is the formulation of  property sector-specific, detailed set of policies and guidelines on how to deal with FCA financial regulations when you’re doing a JV’’

So come and join us at this Property Joint Venture Special at PPC Canary Wharf on Tuesday 25th April where  you will discover the must knows when it comes to carrying out successful joint venture projects in property with 4 Leading Joint Venture and Property Experts


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