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Topic: “Minimising Your Property Tax, Tax Efficiency and How to Future Plan” by Kevin Cutler of Ascendency London 

TAX has always been a HOT Topic, and will always will be, but right now, property investors and developers are facing changes like never before.


With all the TAX changes coming in to the market, many investors and developers are about to be wiped out completely, their profits eroded, properties repossessed, and left in a negative position.


So the question is, How do you avoid this happening to you?


This month at PPC Birmingham, we have Kevin Cutler of Ascendency London, a wealth management firm who specialises in creating bespoke plans for their clients, whether they are looking to buy their first property, or are buying and developing £100 million projects.


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And not just that…


He will share with you, even with the new, heavy taxation laws, and regulations coming in, how you can pay less tax than what you were paying before the changes.


Kevin will also share with you how you can plan ahead, and minimise any TAXATION you could face in the future.


So if you are new to property, part time, or a full time experienced investor and developer, what Kevin will be sharing at PPC Birmingham will allow you to tackle these new tax changes with ease and confidence, so you can massively decrease your taxes and multiply your profits and allow you to tackle these new tax changes with ease and confidence.


Event Details:

​Next Event: Wednesday 3rd August
​(1st Wednesday of Each Month)

Doors open: 6:30pm for a 7pm Start

Venue: Hotel la Tour, Albert St, Birmingham, B5 5JE