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Topic: “HMO Evening – How you can create a cash flowing 6 figure HMO business” – with 3 HMO Experts

As a property investor or developer looking at your portfolio of HMO’s or your first HMO property investment, you’ll at some point ask yourself:

  • How can I make my portfolio of HMO’s more profitable in the easiest way possible?
  • How do I get started quickly and avoid mistakes?
  • How can I make efficiencies in order to maximise my income from current property investments?

We’re delighted to announce that we have the answers to all of your HMO questions and more. At your next Premier Property Club (PPC) HMO Evening, held on the 4th October in Birmingham, key speakers Tony Brough and Kam Dovedi will be sharing with you the tips and strategies you can implement to get you on the right path to profitability and how you can create a cash flowing 6 figure HMO business.

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Owner at Mainly Money Matters, Tony comes to PPC Birmingham with a wealth of experience designing and implementing both offline and online solutions for clients as well as looking at how you can reduce risks and drive through improvements in property management. His knowledge in the mortgage and brokerage market places him in the perfect position to provide you with easy to understand advice as well as solutions to meet your needs – ultimately maximising your free time and rental returns As well as having access to cheaper and easier finance and being in a position where you can get products that others can’t.

Author of “boost your pension and income from property”, Kam Dovedi, is the UK leading property expert and Founder of Premier Property. Kam will be sharing with you how you can become financially free, by divulging the strategies that investors and developers need in order to create a cash flowing 6 figure HMO business (including systems, tools, strategies and teams etc).

This is your opportunity to have your questions answered by experts in the HMO field.

Latest reports from the housing market show that houses in multiple occupation (HMO’s) have undergone significant growth over the years. Mainly due to the change in perception of HMO’s – where gone are the days that HMO’s are seen as grotty student digs and now are vast becoming upmarket types of accommodation, with tenants willing to pay more than a single occupancy flat.

Yet not everyone is taking hold of this opportunity and creating that 6 figure HMO business.

PPC Birmingham is for those property investors and developers who are looking to take advantage of these opportunities and find out more when it comes to:

  • Latest market trends within the HMO arena (the move from student accommodation to upmarket rentals) and how you can capitalise on these opportunities.
  • Solutions to property management and maintenance, lending options suitable to your portfolio as well as options to market your properties, all with the vision to drive down costs and increase profits.
  • Insider information and strategies which you can implement in order to receive excellent returns on your investments.

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With the private rented sector, of which HMO’s form a part, now being the second largest tenure in the UK, Tony and Kam bring a refreshing look at a market which has transformed over the years to offer landlords the ideal cash flow situations.

Their focus will be to provide you with solutions on:

  • A hassle free HMO – a focus on management tips to save time and money
  • Systems to keep your HMO’s running smoothly
  • How to keep your tenants happy
  • Outsourcing tasks and maintenance AND most importantly
  • How to create a 6 figure business from your HMO portfolio

You’re now in a position to save time and money. Creating your cash flowing 6 figure HMO business – you can’t afford not to be there.

So come and join us on the 4th October, at Hotel la Tour, Albert Street, Birmingham, B5 5JE, to hear for yourself just what the experts have to say.

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Event Details:

Next Event: Wednesday 4th October
(1st Wednesday of Each Month)

Doors open: 6:30pm for a 7pm Start

Venue: Hotel la Tour, Albert St, Birmingham, B5 5JE