Did you say TAX?

Premier Property Club (PPC) Croydon

Think Accountants are boring? Well when they are showing you how to save £10,000 in taxes they are definitely not!

Last night at Premier Property Club (PPC) Croydon Wes Mason a Tax Partner at one of the UK’s Top Accountancy firms took us through the changes that have happened, are happening right now and how they are going to effect us. If you are not learning the kind of information Wes and his colleagues have then you are missing out!

Wes heads up the Department that looks after Landlords and as one of Kam Dovedi’s team, he was willing to share some in depth knowledge on the subjects of section 24, Stamp Duty and how you can mitigate them completely!

Thats right not just reduce the impact of them or reduce the amount of money extra you will be paying every month because of these change but completely take them away!

Kam Dovedi and Wes showed clear steps on how to implement this and even taught the accountants in the audience a few angles to look at! The information last night was gold dust, one example Wes gave of a client was saving him £3 million on inheritance Tax!

Check out our next event here, we have another fantastic speaker lined up for you.