About The Premier Property Club (PPC)

The Premier Property Club (PPC) is a Property Club which is open to any member of the public who has an interest in property investing, whether it be learning about investing property, providing a property related service, or networking to find future joint venture partners.

We attract a range of fantastic people to our Premier Property Club Events, from people who are looking buy their first property, to experienced Landlords and investors with large portfolios.

The great mix of people means that it gives you an opportunity to learn, network, and grow, so that you can accelerate your success in property.

  PPC Is for You…

✓ New to property investing

✓ An existing property investor

✓ Property Developers

✓ Landlords

✓ Business Owners

✓ Service Providers

✓ Traders

✓ Everyone Interested in Property

Format of The Premier Property Club (PPC) Events

6:30pm – Doors Open for Arrival and Networking

7:00pm – Event Starts

7:15pm – Main Speakers Begin. This session includes a comfort break.

9:00pm – Expert Speakers Q & A Session

9:30pm – Post Event Networking

What Makes Premier Property Club (PPC) Unique?

Networking is very important in the property world and so we encourage you to go to as many different property networking events as you can, to find out which are best suited to your personal requirements. However, We believe that the Premier Property Club (PPC) is different from other events for the following reasons:

Each month we focus on a specific topic relevant to property investors at all stages, from beginners to experts.
There is a formal educational seminar for you.
Our guest speakers are top Experts in their respective fields.
We have Power Networking Sessions as a chance to exchange cards with others.
We have a Q&A session at some events, where the you can ask the Expert Panel any Questions you may have.

Do I Need to Book a Place to Attend?

For you to attend the Premier Property Club (PPC), We encourage you to book in advance, as it guarantees you a seat, as we have a limited availability of tickets, due to Venue Logistics. To book a ticket, Click Here.


Why is Property Networking Important?

Property Networking is a major factor which determines how successful You are in Property Investment. By attending Property Networking Events, Like the Premier Property Networking Club You will begin to network and meet new people. These People You meet may later go on to help You when You have Property questions, they may become part or Your core Property team or they may even go on to become Your clients for Your Property Business.

This is why Networking is important, and especially in Property, as there are many ways in which You can become Financially Free. As well as this, Property Networking Events allow You to learn from others. This applies especially to the Premier Property Club (PPC) as We Believe Property Education is very important, so our property networking guest speakers deliver value to You each Month.

The 7 Premier Property Club (PPC) Principles